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New York Times

"Arch Contemporary Ballet’s works, choreographed by the founder-director Sheena Annalise, are created initially without music; then a contemporary musician is invited to create a score. For the company’s latest work, “Chateau,” inspired by the magnificent 1,500-room Château de Fontainebleau outside Paris, the composer is Concetta Abbate, a New York-based violinist, vocalist and songwriter. Her music will be performed live by a string quartet integrated into the performance."

Huffington Post

"As composer Concetta Abbate, explained "it's about creating music to accentuate the dance, rather than creating dance to accentuate the music."...She showed me pages of diagrams in which she translated the dynamic flow of the ballet into a musical outline. Sometimes, the music corresponds directly to thematic movements, and other times she uses what she calls "movie music," creating an atmospheric background which takes backseat to the choreography."
New York Music Daly

Delarue April 2015


Like many violinists, Concetta Abbate is classically trained, just as likely to be found playing Ravel or Paganini as she is her own music. She finds inspiration in poetry, literature and scientific observation. The point of the “pocket-sized songs” on her loosely thematic new debut album, Falling in Time (streaming at Bandcamp) is that despite how distracted we are by the demands of dayjobs, family and (yuck) technology and social media, we mustn’t cut ourselves off from the world around us because it’s so interesting. Abbate isn’t necessarily telling us to stop and smell the roses, although she might encourage us to stop and watch the waves at the river’s edge…or the faces on the platform as the train pulls into the station. Abbate finds meaning and beauty in the seemingly mundane, translating that tersely and imagistically into a series of brief, often barely two-minute songs that could be called chamber pop or art-rock but really defy categorization.

Blurt Magazine

March 2015


Concetta Abbate’s Falling in Time is “a musical exploration of anthropology, science and poetry,” and indeed the sonic and video evidence of the song “Burst” suggests exactly that.

Gregory Applegate Guitar and Bass Blog

March 2015


Some music does not sit well with categorization. One of those certainly is Concetta Abbate's solo debut CD Falling in Time, Pocket-Sized Songs (Waterbug). It is an album of art songs that could well bear a subtitle "Songs of Innocence and Experience" after William Blake, for there is something of both in her whimsical approach. The arrangements are well wrought, with Concetta's violin working with other strings and other instruments sometimes in quasi-classical ways. The songs are original, her voice enchanting. Explorations "in poetry and soundscapes" is how it is put on the inner sleeve. Well, yes. That.

Travel Write Sing Blog

Luke Armstrong March 2015


"This sort of passion is the 'it' that one recognizes in the true troubadours whose minds can’t help but fill up with bursting melodies."


 March 2015


Eerie, haunting "Chamber Pop"